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Solicitation to serve on the Alaska Marine Mammal Scientific Review Group. The Alaska SRG advises on marine mammals that occur in waters off Alaska that are under the jurisdiction of the US. The SRG members serve as advisors to NMFS and the US Fish and Wildlife Service. Federal Register Notice
Nominations must be recieved by October 31, 2016
Harbor Seal Movement in the Aleutian Islands 8/31/2016
2016 Northen Fur Seal Tracking Study

Report 1 8/5/2016
Report 2 8/18/2016
Report 3 9/19/2016
Report 4 10/19/2016

Welcome to the Aleut Marine Mammal Commission.

Monitoring Steller Sea Lion with unmanned aircraft, AFSC/NMML article

Articles related to the Action Plan

Relationship of SSL Diets & Fish Distribution in Eastern North Pacific, Breseden et al 2006

Decadal Variation in the diet of Western Steller Sea Lion, Sinclair et al, 2013

Stable isotope values in pup vibrissae reveal geographic variation in diets of gestating SSL, Schere et al, 2015.

Results ofSSL surveys in Alaska June-July 2014.
Fritz et al 2015

Inorganic Nutrients and Contaminants in Subsistance Specie of Alaska: linking Wildlife and Human Health, Moses et al, 2008.

Evaluating Hair as a predictor of Blood Mercury: The Influence of Ontogenic Phase and Lif History in Pinnipeds, Peterson et al, 2015

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Steller Sea Lion Research Coordination Report 2016

NMML Work plan 2016

Mystery in the Western Aleutians AFSC November 2015
Fukushima radiation / Northern fur seals testing
Ruedig et al Oct 2015
NOAA fact sheet
Fall 2015 AMMC Newsletter
Action Plan for 2015
Steller Sea Lion Researcher Coordination meeting 1/24/2014 presentation
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Aleutian Islands
Steller Sea Lion Tracking

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